Commersphere Privacy Policy.

Protection of privacy is a prime concern of most users of the Internet, and at Commersphere, we are acutely aware of and sensitive to the privacy concerns of persons who utilize the facilities provided on our website.

Commersphere will not collect personal information of any kind unless it is provided explicitly by a site visitor. Personal information provided to Commersphere will not be transferred to any individual or organization unless the said transfer is authorized by the information owner – which occurs in one scenario only:

Commersphere Messaging – If a Commersphere user utilizes the Commersphere messaging system to contact another user, the recipient will be able to view the sender’s online business card – which includes information such as the sender’s email address and phone number – so that the recipient can directly contact the sender if desired. The sender is informed in the messaging window that his/her business card will be included when the message is sent.

In addition, Commersphere’s targeted announcement facility is designed to decouple organizational information from personal information, ensuring that user identities are shielded from exhibitors who send out targeted announcements.

Commersphere Password: As a convenience, Commersphere provides visitors with the option of saving their password on their local machine to simplify the sign-in procedure. This is not a requirement, however, and users who have concerns regarding the security of their local machine are invited to enter their password manually when signing in.

Commersphere employs a broad array of security mechanisms to minimize the chances of inadvertent or deliberate loss, theft, or alteration of your personal information.

Commersphere utilizes email messaging to notify visitors and exhibitors regarding bulletins, business card exchanges, etc., as needed. In addition, subscribers to Commersphere’s Announcement Notification Service are notified regularly regarding business announcements in fields within which the subscribers have expressed interest. Subscribers wishing to opt out of the service, or visitors wishing to opt in to the service, may do so by signing in to Commersphere and modifying the settings of their user account as desired.

For any inquiries regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at